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Why Should You Choose Dental Implants in Hamden to Replace Teeth?

June 13, 2018

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An older couple examining an X-ray.You may have heard that dental bridges can replace teeth. Maybe you’ve used dentures in the past or even use them to this day. If so, you’re probably aware of the pitfalls that come with them as well. When you compare these tooth replacement options to the innovations of dental implants, it’s hard to make any comparisons.

If your dentist determines you’re eligible for dental implants in Hamden, you’ll gain benefits that no other tooth replacement can give you. Find out what they are today!


5 Common Emergencies Your Emergency Dentist in Hamden Sees

June 4, 2018

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A child having a dental emergency.When you break your leg or have a very high fever, the next steps are usually quite simple: either get to the emergency room or call an ambulance. However, not only do people typically not know how to handle dental emergencies, but they aren’t sure what constitutes as a dental emergency. This can lead to not taking the emergency as seriously when it occurs.

To help patients stay prepared, your emergency dentist in Hamden is listing the five most common emergencies that he sees and how to handle them before visiting him.


Are You a Candidate for Porcelain Veneers in Hamden? Learn Today!

May 14, 2018

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are-candidate-porcelain-veneers-in-hamden-learnWhen it comes to the human body, life happens. It gathers many scars, causing its appearance to change permanently. This is not any different when it comes to teeth. The foods you eat stain the surface and even reach the insides, making discoloration more difficult to remove. Aging causes it too dull and lose its brilliant white color. Dental injuries cause chips that, while not a reason for emergency, can still lower self-esteem when left untreated.

Today, porcelain veneers in Hamden are the best solution for cosmetic imperfections.


Your Dentist in Hamden Offers Implant-Retained Dentures

May 6, 2018

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An older couple smiling.If you’ve been wearing dentures for a long time, you’re probably aware of the pitfalls that accommodate them. Chewing your favorite foods is usually a hassle, forcing you to change your diet and eat softer foods. You have even had them fall out while speaking, laughing, or coughing, making you feel embarrassed in front of your friends and family. Luckily, your dentist in Hamden has a solution.

With implant-retained dentures, you don’t have to worry about your dentures falling out anymore. Keep reading to learn what they are and about your options.


How Does Zoom! Teeth Whitening Actually Work?

April 19, 2018

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perfectly white teethSometimes, it feels like the only ally you have in the morning is your coffee as you fight traffic and try to shake off the cobwebs. Of course, your daily cup of Joe does have one drawback: it has noticeably stained your teeth. You’ve been in denial about it, but after one lingering look in the mirror, you have to admit that your teeth have definitely yellowed. Fortunately, you can easily get rid of these stains in less than an hour thanks to Zoom! Teeth Whitening in Hamden. Of course, this begs the question, “How does it actually work?” and, “Why did my teeth stain in the first place?” (more…)

Dentist in Hamden Offers Life Saving Oral Cancer Screenings

April 2, 2018

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oral cancer ribbon

Oral cancer typically isn’t talked about a lot compared to other types, but it actually claims at least one life here in the United States every hour of every day. April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, and in that spirit, your dentist in Hamden is going to share the best ways you can keep both yourself and your loved ones protected from this disease.


Your Dentist in Hamden Provides 3 Ways to Prevent Cavities

March 11, 2018

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A man eating a strawberry.Cavities are truly a pain, both in the mouth and in your wallet. Your dentist needs to apply fillings to protect the rest of your tooth and you end up spending money that could have been used elsewhere. The good news is that cavities are very preventable as long as you make the effort to keep these habits in mind.

When avoiding cavities, you only need to practice these daily habits. Once you have these nailed down, you shouldn’t need to get any more fillings from your dentist in Hamden. By practicing oral care, keeping a balanced diet, and visiting your dentist regularly, you shouldn’t have to face a dental drill again.


Set an Example by Visiting Your Family Dentist in Hamden

March 2, 2018

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A mother and daughter brushing each other’s teeth.Having to plan annual healthcare visits can be hassle if you have a big family. It can be even more difficult if each family member has a different medical professional that they visit. So how do you get an all-in-one solution without compromising on care? A great way is to visit a family dentist in Hamden. You may be surprised at how many benefits a family dentist can offer you, your significant other, and your children, all under one roof!

Before you have your next appointment or record another appointment date, take a moment to consider the benefits of switching to a family dentist.


Visits to Your Dentist in Hamden Can Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

February 13, 2018

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A person at their dental exam.Most people don’t realize that an unhealthy mouth is likely indicative of other health problems in the body. According to your dentist in Hamden as well as medical professionals around the country, periodontal disease can have a major effect on your heart health. Because of this link, it’s more important than ever to schedule regular dental visits.

During these visits, your dentist can catch early signs of gum disease and help you reverse them, but only if you take the time to visit. Keep reading to learn how gum disease affects your heart health and how you can fight back.


How Invisalign in Hamden Works to Shift and Straighten Your Teeth

February 7, 2018

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A pair of Invisalign clear aligners.Whether you’re an adult who’s experienced their teeth shift or a teenager looking for an alternative to metal braces, Invisalign in Hamden can fulfill your needs. Thanks to its advanced, patented technology, you can get a healthier, straighter smile in less time than ever. However, if you’ve just started treatment or you’re considering it in the future, you may not entirely understand how the process works.

That’s why your dentist is here to make it easy. Once you learn the process and the science behind this revolutionary orthodontic treatment, you’ll be confident knowing a new smile is possible!


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