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Sportsguards – Hamden, CT

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Whether it’s football, basketball or another sport, it’s always great for your child to have a game they love playing while staying in shape. However, many physical activities, particularly those that involve a lot of contact, can be hazardous to a young athlete’s smile; in fact, 5 million Americans lose teeth every year to sports-related injuries. To avoid this issue, you can get your child a customized sportsguard at D’Andrea & Pantera DMD. Don’t leave they’re precious pearly whites vulnerable any longer than you need to; contact us for an appointment today!

Why are Sportsguards So Important?

Football sportsguard

Not all organizations will require your child to wear a sportsguard, but you should always get one anyway even if you’re not told to. Otherwise, your child could run the risk of suffering from chipped, broken or knocked out teeth. They can also help protect the soft tissues inside the lips and cheek, and they can redistribute the force if they take a blow to the head. A mouthguard can’t stop concussions from occurring, but they can make the injury less severe than it would be otherwise. Save your child an emergency dental visit by giving their smile the effective protection it deserves!

Who Should Get a Sportsguard?

Sportsguard and boxing gloves

Between the ages of 8 to 12, kids who play basketball, hockey, baseball, soccer, rugby and football are the most at risk for losing or damaging their teeth. Other physical activities such as skateboarding or climbing can also result in dental injuries.

Of course, age and the type of sport doesn’t really matter; anyone who participates in physical activity where they might suffer an injury to the face or jaw should get a sportsguard. If you’re wondering whether one of your favorite activities carries this level of risk, call us for a consultation.

Why Should I Get a Sportsguard from a Dentist?

Boy with sportsguard

You can get a pre-formed mouthguard at the store, or you might find a “boil and bite” variety that can be shaped for an individual’s teeth. However, a sportsguard that’s been custom-fit by a dentist will provide your child with the best protection available.

Benefits of custom sportsguards include:

How Long Should a Sportsguard Last?


Sportsguards tend to wear down over time. In general, athletes should get new mouthguards at the beginning of each season. This is especially important for children whose mouths are still developing.

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