How to Deal with New Aligner Discomfort

January 26, 2023

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Invisalign is remarkably low profile, so you probably won’t even feel them when you close your mouth. That’s a game changer for many people, because the discomfort of traditional braces may be the thing that they dread most about orthodontic treatment.

That said, whenever you first start Invisalign treatment, or if you switch to a tighter aligner, you might experience a little bit of aching as your teeth start to move. If you’re looking for good ways to deal with that, here are a few things you can try.

Use a Cold Compress

This works as well for toothaches as for anything else; take a bag of ice, wrap it in a towel, and then place it on your cheek until the pain subsides. However, be careful that the cold doesn’t make your aligner constrict, as that can make the discomfort even worse.

Ask for Modifications

Sometimes, an aligner isn’t designed properly, leaving a little bit of excess material behind that can rub against your mouth. You can always ask your dentist for a modification if your aligner doesn’t fit you correctly.

Pain Medication

This one is maybe the most obvious, but taking some medication can make switching to a new aligner a lot more bearable. Over-the-counter pain relievers should be plenty, and taking it a little bit before you switch your aligner will ensure that it’s kicked in before the pain does.

Switch Aligners Before Bed

You’re likely to feel the most discomfort within the first few hours of switching to a new aligner, so swapping it out right before bed means you’ll probably sleep through the worst of it. If you worry that the discomfort will make it hard to sleep, talk to your doctor or dentist about taking a little bit of melatonin or allergy medicine to help you.

Dental Wax

Many times, Invisalign aligners are paired with attachments that can make them more effective. Sometimes these attachments rub uncomfortably against the lips or cheeks. Balling up a piece of dental wax and placing it on the attachment can stop this from happening.

Keep these tips in mind, and you should be able to make it through the discomfort of switching to a new aligner with no sweat.

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