Special Dental Offers – Hamden, CT

Start Saving on
Your Dental Services

Who doesn’t love to save money on dental services every once in a while? Below, we’ve included a few special offers that you can start taking advantage of today. Just keep in mind that they will not be around forever, so if you have questions about our offers or want to schedule an appointment so you can receive one, please let us know as soon as possible. We look forward to helping you save on your next treatment!

Save on a Straighter Smile — for Teens & Adults!
$500 Off
Redeem Offer
Invislaign logo Invisalign special coupon
Whiten Your Smile Up to 8 Shades in 1 Hour!
$50 Off
ZOOM! Whitening
Redeem Offer
Zoom teeth whitening logo Zoom teeth whitening special coupon