D’Andrea and Pantera

Core Values

Patient Centered

We make decisions, care for our patients, and perform our professional duties with the patient’s best interest at heart. Procedures are performed with high quality materials and to a high standard of care. When necessary, we refer to specialists who share in our ideals and standards. Details matter. Doing the little things leads to larger success.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Everyone is committed to the team and puts the team above self. Each person is present and does their job for the betterment of the team. If something internal or external threatens the team, we work together to take action.

All In

We are a family and are committed to the practice. Attitudes are positive even when moods are not. Personal drama remains out of work life, and work drama is not created. We come to work happy and positive ready to conquer the day. We don’t complain - we find solutions. Positivity is contagious.


We stay true to our word and always work in the most ethical manner possible. We aim to be good and honest in all our dealings.

Pursue Growth

We are dynamic and open to change. We are constantly pursing new knowledge and adjusting our systems to improve our practice. We are committed to learning new skills, open to change and accepting of new ideas and experiences. Never will we have it all figured out.