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Bright Smile Club – Hamden, CT

Essential Dental Services Made Affordable

A young girl receiving a dental exam.

While dental insurance can be helpful when paying for dental services, it can come with its own setbacks depending on your unique situation. Whether your traditional dental insurance is too expensive or you simply don’t receive dental insurance from your employer, you can easily feel like you’re at a loss when it comes to coverage. Thankfully, our dentists have an alternative to dental insurance for you to consider. Not only can we make your care more affordable, but we can ensure that your smile remains healthy for many years to come with our in-house Bright Smile Club! To learn more about it or schedule an visit, keep reading or give us a call!

What is the Bright Smile Club?

Older man learning about office’s in-house membership plan in Hamden.

The Bright Smile Club is a reasonable alternative to dental insurance that makes covering the costs of routine dental treatments affordable and predictable. Instead of worrying about meeting deductibles or keeping annual maximums in mind, all you need to do is come to our office and receive your care! We offer coverage for adults, kids, and patients currently receiving periodontal (gum) therapy. On top of gaining access to a specific set of preventive services, you can save 15 percent on many additional treatments!

What is Covered in the Plan?

A woman giving a thumbs-up at her dental appointment.

Different services are provided based on your age, but the type of care provided is largely the same. You can see a more detailed breakdown here:

Adults - $38/month or $425/year for patients 12 years of age and older (plus $125 lifetime activation fee, existing patients pay just $25)

Children - $30/month or $350/year for patients 11 years of age and younger (plus $75 lifetime activation fee, existing patients pay just $25)

Perio - $70/month or $800/year

*full mouth X-rays or 1 panoramic X-rays can be performed every three to five years.

Is the Bright Smile Club Dental Insurance?

Dentist and patient discussing Bright Smile Club.

The Bright Smile Club is not dental insurance, which means it cannot be combined with any other insurance or discount plans. However, unlike dental insurance, your membership plan will automatically renew one year from the day you sign up. Furthermore, you’re never forced to worry about talking with insurance agents, filling out claims forms, or fulfilling a waiting period just to receive the care you’re entitled to.

To get started, all you need to do is follow the sign-up link and click “ready to submit” once you are finished. We look forward to providing you many years of exceptional dental care and encourage you to give us a call in the near future!

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