For a Healthy Heart, Clean Up Your Smile

February 8, 2023

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February has just begun, so many people are considering romance and relationships. After all, Valentine’s Day is close at hand! Still, you should know this month isn’t just about symbolic hearts. It’s also American Heart Month, a time to celebrate heart health! As such, now is the perfect moment to strengthen your ticker. Fortunately, your dental practice is here to help. How can a dentist help the heart, you ask? Well, read on to learn why gum disease harms it and some oral tips for improving it.

How the Mouth & Heart Relate

While the mouth and heart are different body parts, they still affect one another. In particular, the former can help or hurt the latter.

Oral bacteria, you see, don’t just stay in your mouth. Left unchecked, they’ll travel throughout your body via the bloodstream. That means they can reach your heart, attach to its damaged areas, and cause inflammation. From there, they’ll trigger heart problems like clogged arteries, infections, etc.

Gum Disease Harms the Heart

Among those with poor oral health, gum disease patients have the highest risk of heart issues. That danger only worsens if the infected gum tissue is undiagnosed or unmanaged.

As described above, the disease’s bacteria can get into your bloodstream. In doing so, they might elevate a C-reactive protein that can narrow your arteries. You’ll then have higher odds of suffering heart attacks, high blood pressure, or congestive heart failure.

Helpful Oral Care Tips

Of course, you can prevent gum-related heart disease with proper oral care. Just remember to use the following tips:

  • Remember Oral Hygiene – Brush twice daily and floss once daily, all while paying attention to the gum line. Furthermore, use an ADA-accepted toothpaste to strengthen your gums within four weeks.
  • Visit the Dentist Often – See your local dentist (at least) twice yearly for dental checkups and cleanings. That way, they can diagnose and treat oral problems before things get severe.
  • Be Mindful of Signs – If you notice bleeding gums, bad breath, and so on, contact your dentist immediately.
  • Know your Risk Factors – Genetics, diet, and age also influence gum disease risk. If you know you have such risk factors, discuss them with your dental practice.

Ultimately, you’ll be closer to ideal heart health by keeping your teeth and gums clean. Therefore, honor American Heart Month with the habits listed above!

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