4 Products to Buy for Children’s Dental Month

February 15, 2023

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Kids with oral health products

If you’re a parent, you know good oral hygiene is tricky for kids. Tykes would rather do anything but brush or floss their teeth. That said, remember that February is Children’s Dental Health Month! By reminding your child of this “event,” you can stimulate their interest in healthy smiles. Of course, you’ll still need the right dental tools for the job. It’s a good thing, then, that your local dentist can help. Here are four oral health products to make this month great for your kiddie’s chompers.

Electric Toothbrushes

Whether you’re a kid or a grownup, brushing your teeth can sometimes seem dull. Given that fact, why not liven up your child’s routine with an electric toothbrush?

This brush will benefit your little one’s smile in various ways. For one thing, kid-friendly brands will get their attention with lights, sounds, or a built-in timer. Furthermore, electric toothbrushes offer more strokes per minute than regular ones – that means a more thorough cleaning!

Sparkly Toothpaste

Standard toothpaste might seem boring to a kid who wants excitement. Luckily, you could always give them a sparkly kind instead.

You see, many companies make children’s toothpaste that features wild colors and sparkles. The result is that youngsters find brushing enjoyable and stick with the habit. Of course, this paste is also effective due to having fluoride that strengthens and protects enamel. Next time you’re at the store, then, find an ADA-approved version of this product.

Fun Flossers

Even if you can convince kids to brush, flossing might be a bit harder. The traditional string isn’t exactly entertaining. In that case, though, try giving them non-traditional flossers.

Manufacturers have recently created fun, disposable flossers in many shapes. Some look like num-chucks, for example, while others are modeled after dinosaurs. Along with their fun flavors and accessories (trading cards, etc.), these items will help your kiddies think flossing is cool!

Amazing Mouthwash

As it turns out, children often like rinsing more than brushing or flossing. Therefore, make use of that fact by gifting them an eye-catching mouthwash.

You can find a child-friendly oral rinse at your local supermarket. A few mouthwash brands may display superheroes or a colorful cartoon character on the bottle. Others, meanwhile, come in unexpected colors like pink and orange. Whichever you choose, just keep in mind that mouthwash should only be used if the kid is six years old or older.

With the oral health products above, Children’s Dental Health Month can seriously boost your children’s smiles. So, go ahead and find them quickly!

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